Benefits of Anti Slip Coating Floor

Home is one place where accidents most happen whether it is the kids running through the kitchen on a rainy day. As well as an elderly relative slipping on a dusty floor, accidents do happen. Thanks to the new innovation for a new wide range of anti slip floor, the danger from slips and fall is definitely reduced.

The benefit of Anti Slip floor tiles

Statistically, homes are the prone area of accidents. Anti-Slip floor tiles in the house can ensure the safety from unnecessary painful falls. There is a number of areas in the house that prone to a slippery surface.


Initially, a splash of oil can easily go unnoticed in the kitchen with such a high risk of fall. It is only a matter of time before somebody gets injured in the very heart of the house. Anti-slip floor tiles serve as the fitting solution to slippery surfaces. Maintaining all the benefits of common kitchen tiles including their durability and easy cleaning. And also, the attractive appearance and the unique texture surface of these alternative tile minimizes the risk to slip.


Secondly, Bathroom is the area also prone to slippery with steams showers creating condensation on tile surface and making them slippery underfoot. Combination of splashes, soaps, and lotions if use the wrong type of flooring, there will an ice rink in the bathroom. Anti-slip floor tile will actually be a lifesaver for those suffering from disability issue. Providing a secure and reliable surface to give a total peace of mind. It is particularly essential to choose an anti-slip floor for wet rooms and open shower area.


Moreover, anti-slip floor safety treatment modifies the floor surface. This adjustment effectively increases the grip for bare feet, shoes, and all kinds of solid wheel tires. The increased coefficient of friction gained when the surface has anti-slip coating treatment. It is a proven safety solution for owners and occupants of commercial as well as residential. Anti-slip coating treatment makes those surfaces skid and slips resistant. 

Types of anti-slip floor tiles

Furthermore, their different types of Anti-slip floor tiles such as Hexagon floor tile is a vintage geometric look, ideal solution for non-slip bathroom flooring. Another type is salt & pepper floor tile it is a unique anti-slip structure it offers a superior grip. Forest anti-slip floor tile, ideal for kitchen, hallways, and conservatories with the appearance of natural wood.

Also, Rock anti-slip floor tiles are full-bodied porcelain floor tiles. This kind of tiles has a texture riven surface that give them an anti-slip finish. And this is very suitable for both residential and commercial flooring, from the bathroom, and the surroundings of the swimming pool. Lastly, titanium Natural Finish Tiles, best for commercial settings such as bars, hotels, restaurants, and gyms. It has an eye-catching speckled design.

Importantly, anti-slip floor tiles and treatment are also affordable and most effective compared to common tiles and floor maintenance. Specifically, it is most advisable to use in commercial as well as in residential because of its safety benefit.