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Carpet Cleaning in Palm Beach

Whole House Carpet Cleaning just $99

If neglected, our carpets over time will start to look their age. Many factors dictate the life of your carpets such as pet messes, child accidents, or even adult slip ups. Regardless, chances are if you do not have your carpets regularly cleaned, they will look dirty, carry allergens, and potentially have an odor. You can try to clean these carpet stains yourself,  or you can hire a professional like Stain Steamers. Our experts and high powered steam machines can deliver the deepest clean your carpet desires to restore its life. If you are on the fence regarding the cleaning of your carpet, look over our site and CALL US if you have further questions.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the most ideal thing to do in order to get a cleaner carpet. You can do it yourself, but our team can save you a lot of time and hassle. Our carpet cleaning experts are quick and efficient at completing your job. With a team of 5 high powered truck mounted machines and several portable high rise units, our fleet will deliver the cleanest carpets in Palm Beach.


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Most households do not have the right equipment and/or materials to get their carpets deeply cleaning the right way. You can surely go out and rent a steam cleaner from your local store, but most fail when compared to high powered units. When you hire Stain Steamers, you can bet we use the right machines and proper cleaning solution in order to get you carpets and rugs looking like new, this we guarantee.

$19 Each Room

Steam cleaning carpets can be very stressful for you back. The rental units at the store are very heavy. We do not recommend anyone lift these units by themselves. If you already have a back condition, just using this machine on your carpets at home could hurt your back. It is wise just to hire the professionals to come out and clean your carpets.

If you want the job done right the first time, hire us Stain Steamers in order to get this job done fast and effective. Our reputation in the carpet cleaning industry sets us apart from the competition and our clients are never disappointed.

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Stain Steamer TIle and Grout Cleaner


Price per Sq/Ft Starting at $0.25

Many homes in Palm Beach County has tile and grout throughout, keeping this tile and grout consistently clean is a very time consuming task. Most people do not keep up with the tile cleaning as it is a very monotonous task, one that many do not look forward to regularly. There is a huge benefit working with professional tile and grout experts like Stain Steamers

Having the pros come out and clean the tile and grout throughout your house or business will save you a lot of time and money. Being on the top of the local industry, Stain Steamers is experienced with all types of tile here in West Palm Beach. We will come out immediately and polish your tiles and grout. Here is some reasons why to use our company today!


One of the main reasons to get your tile and grout clean is definitely the aesthetic purpose, obviously everyone wants their floors to look clean. But did you know that dirty tiles can be a health hazard? A professional like Stain Steamers knows the utter importance of grout cleaning. If left untreated, the grout will eventually build up full of dirt and grime, which in turn will support life of bacterias and possibly molds that stick between the tiles. This is not good for anyone to live around constantly.

Many homeowners recognize the value of having their tile and grout polished, but it can be a very time consuming and boring task. There is a lot of convenience in the ability to hire a trusted grout cleaner, we are happy you came across our site. Our team is ready to help you free up time and get those tiles and grout cleaned today!

Getting the job done properly, the first time, is great! The biggest benefit of having a trusted source for tile cleaning is the ability to keep the tile cleaned over time. Our knowledgable staff can assist you on regular cleanings. This will extended the life and appearance of your tiles, not to mention the wow factor you get, by using the most powerful equipment and start of the art processes. Do your home the favor, give us a call today and get those tile and grout stains removed! Let Stain Steamers do the job!

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Sofa & Loveseat Steam Cleaned

Both just $89

One of the most neglected surfaces in most residential as well as commercial properties is their upholstery. Steam cleaning upholstery has many life extending benefits. The professional service of upholstery cleaning can not be discounted. When you invest in a professional cleaning of your sofas and loveseats, you are performing the #1 way of getting the longest life out of your furniture's upholstery. Many different fabrics and types of upholstery used in todays furniture industry so it is important to call us regarding your job. The number is an easy click to call above.

You do not want to use Trial&Error to determine how to clean up spills and stains on your upholstery. Best thing to do is clean it off to the best of your ability first, and then call Stain Steamers professional crew to come remove the stains through a deep cleaning. Even if you just need a routine cleaning, call us today for a quote on your upholstery stain removal.

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The benefits of having your upholstery professionally cleaned cannot be overstated. Choosing to invest in professional cleaning services is the number one way to ensure the longevity of your furniture and upholstery. Different fabrics and types of upholstery require different cleaners and techniques to be used on them. You don’t want to use trial and error by yourself for cleaning up spills or even for just routine tidying up. Your furniture is an investment and keeping it presentable and in tip-top shape should be a priority. That’s where the skilled folks at Stain Steamers come in.

We at Stain Steamers are experienced in cleaning and maintaining all different types of upholstery. Allowing our team to clean your upholstered furniture not only makes it appear cleaner, it also helps rid the furniture of dust and dangerous allergens that can build up over time. Scheduling professional cleaning appointments should be a routine part of home maintenance. In addition to removing dirt, upholstered furniture holds on to odors and will smell over time.

Cleaning upholstery professionally will without a doubt some odors in the fabric. If you have not treated the upholstery before, the odors and stains might take several professional treatments to remove. This is why it is important to call Stain Steamers Palm Beach for all your upholstery cleaning in Palm Beach needs. Our experts are standing by to assist you in removing stains TODAY

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When you invest in flooring in your home or business, you want that investment to last many years. Your floor's condition directly reflects your company, this is why business owners in Palm Beach and Boca Raton trust Stain Steamers to regularly strip the wax from vinyl (VCT) floors. Our clients take great lengths to keep their commercial floors cleaned. Our team of commercial vinyl floor cleaning experts strip and re-wax many businesses and we are here to make your floor shine with our professional treatments.

Stain Steamers is your trusted source for all Vinyl Stripping & Waxing needs. Churches, hospitals, schools, malls, grocery store, restaurant is a quick reference of current commercial accounts. We will brighten your business, creating positive appearance from the ground up!

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Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

You need to do ordinary vacuuming of your carpets on a regular basis if you want to lengthen the time that is in between the cleanings. As the home or office owner, you have to keep a close eye on the overall quality of your carpet. Therefore, in case your carpets are looking dirty or dark, its good to reach out to a trustworthy carpet cleaning company. The best bet for you is not to allow the carpets to get to this point. Once you clean and maintain them properly, you will significantly extend the lifespan of your carpet. The carpet will continue having the best look for several years as long as you are taking good care of it.

The removal of stains, spills, and spots have to be part of the carpet cleaning program. However, you may not achieve this objective well by doing it yourself. You need to follow some of the advice that is provided by commercial upholstery cleaning, fabric panels cleaning, and commercial carpet cleaning programs. Professional advice is key because it will make sure that your carpet is taken good care of.

It can be quite challenging to clean and remove stains from your carpets and rugs. Professional carpet cleanings hard to fit in your schedule and quite expensive. It is more economical to hire a carpet cleaning machine but you also have to buy the shampoo that you will put in the machine. It is possible to make your own carpet cleaner and I have seen some people use a sponge and bucket. The most important thing is to make sure that you clean the whole carpet including high traffic areas and remove all stains and spots from the surface. However, there are a few things that you need to know about the DIY extraction cleaning before you try out this procedure.

The first thing that you need to do is remove all the furniture from the carpeted area. In case your furniture is too heavy, you will be required to put a plastic film around and under the legs of your furniture. Some of these tasks may be labor intensive and are better left to professionals.

The next step is to make sure that you vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This could have the greatest impact on the entire process. However, you may not achieve the best results if you are not going to do this professionally. You also have to carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer that comes with the machine. Do not under dilute the chemicals or add others with an aim of making your garment cleaner. Be keen to only use a solution that will work well with your extractor.

A professional approach entails beginning from the furthest point as you head towards the doorway. You need to work back towards the door so that you will be able to get out once you are done with the cleaning process. Don’t have to lock yourself in a corner once you are done with the cleaning process. You need to practice a lot of patience and not over-wet the carpet. Extract the maximum amount of water that you can and don’t rush over this step.

Make sure you wait until the carpet dries completely before you can replace your furniture or even walk on the carpet. This may take you between six to twelve hours. The other tip is to make sure that you ventilate the area. Open the windows just in case the outdoor conditions allow this or you can set the air conditioning unit on the moderate setting of between 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not try to close up the room when it has a wet carpet. Remember you want the carpet to take the shortest time possible to dry up. This will prevent the growth of molds and allow you to use the carpet in the earliest time possible.

In case you own a light-colored carpet or/and your house is full of pets or kinds, you may wish to purchase your personal professional style model that is custom made for your home. Carpet cleaners can help you to save a lot of money in the long run. Carpet cleaning pros will achieve more long-lasting results that will be economical over time.

You will significantly increase the time in between cleaning sessions by choosing to hire professionals. However, some of the units that are in the market may not have enough leaning power. Professionals use the most powerful machines to give you an assurance of high quality results. This is why it is advisable to use professionals instead of going for the DIY interventions. Best Ottawa Carpet Cleaner

Most of the home carpet cleaning units are water-extraction systems that are also referred to as steam cleaners. These systems work by injecting the required solution in to the carpet pile and then pulling the dirty solution back to the machine. You can avoid the hassles of having to drag hose all over the house by opting to go for a model that does nit need a clean water hookup.

In case of DIY, you need to choose the most powerful machine to undertake this task. As you continue using the steam cleaner, do not overly wet the carpet. The reason is that over-wetting may end up damaging the backing and underlayment of the carpet and lead to odor, discoloration, and shrinking. Take good care of your carpet by putting all these facts into consideration.

As you think about hiring professional carpet cleaning services, you have to choose between dry extraction cleaning and steam cleaning. Each of these techniques are highly efficient as long as you have the right professionals on board. has the best skills and most powerful equipment to handle all your steam carpet cleaning tasks.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to the removal of stubborn stains from your carpet. It is better to rely on such services than trying to rent out this equipment. Our professionals will have a moral obligation of making sure that your carpet is spotlessly clean. They come with a lot of experience that will make sure that you achieve the desired results. The prices of these services vary from depending on the intensity of your task. The most important thing is to make sure that you are hiring a company that will give nothing but the best carpet cleaning services.

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